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Personal archaeology examines a person’s own sphere of activity, encompassing physical artifacts of the self, home and family, as well as one’s own neighborhood. This lens of viewing the world increases our awareness of the past in the present and of the effect of the present in the future.

Personal archaeology helps to construct a 4th dimensional imagination by thinking about our impact as agents of change for the future. Examining the objects of our own lives through an archaeological perspective allows us to see those objects as artifacts; evidence that reveals our values and choices and uncovers the record of a unique individual life.

What will the people of the future discover about our lives in the 21st Century?

How can we better inform them?

Will our legacies make a positive or negative impact in someone’s life in the future?

artifact of profound labor


Personal Archaeology Project

“The Art and Archaeology of Me”

This past Spring Discovery World worked with 25 students from Bay View High School in a  project-based experience to motivate academic achievement through exploration of personal and urban archaeology with the goal of developing a visual archaeological history of their own lives to be presented in a public art installation.  This program developed student creativity, visual communication literacy and understanding of archaeological science, while supporting Milwaukee Public School learning targets in Art, Science, English/Language arts, Social Studies research, presentation and writing.

Public Art Installation

Student Banners


2 responses to “Personal Archaeology

  1. I enjoy browsing this site, I usually find out something interesting stuff.
    Emily R. from Husky Guide

  2. “evidence that reveals our values and choices and uncovers the record of a unique individual life”
    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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