Maritime Archaeology

Distant Mirror; Maritime Archaeology

Maritime Archaeology provides a direct connection to our collective maritime heritage by highlighting the important role that the Great Lakes have and continue to play in facilitating as a medium of communication and trade throughout the ages.  This initiative examines Milwaukee’s maritime landscape by exploring terrestrial and submerged features such as lighthouses, piers, and shipwrecks.

Key concepts examine the similarities and differences between how prehistoric Native Americans developed and utilized watercraft technology and the impact of historic Great Lakes shipbuilding during the 18th-19th Centuries. Through this initiative, we see our maritime resources as irreplaceable vestiges of our cities nautical past and its connection with the Great Lakes system as a whole.

ROVs on the shipwreck SS Milwaukee
ROVs on the shipwreck SS Milwaukee


Local Shipwreck Exploration

off the S/V Denis Sullivan

History of the Sullivan

science under sail

Maritime Archeaology Projects

ROVs we use

Two Local Wrecks We’ve Been Researching

Prins Willem V history

Ships Plans

Imaging the Willem

SS Milwaukee

Her Tragic Tale

Onboard Education

Side Scan Sonar

Sonar images

ROV stills

Future Research


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