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Ancient Archaeology is traditionally what people think of when they hear the word archaeology.  By researching and accessing the ancient past, it provides a fundamental insight into the human condition throughout time, whereby reinforcing our understanding that ingenuity and innovation are core human qualities.  These qualities are evident  in southeastern Wisconsin since humans first set foot here more than 14,000 years ago.

They are also sharply evident in the American southwest, where Discovery World is partnering with Crow Canyon Archaeological Center to compare and contrast the water-rich region of the Great Lakes with the water-scarce region of American southwest.

This collaboration allows us to address relevant questions about how past cultures adapted to  environmental constraints through  sustainable development and access to fresh water throughout time.  Therefore, it is from these fundamental areas of inquiry that we hope to continue our collaborative efforts in reaching a broader audience through pioneering research and archaeological programming both in Southeastern Wisconsin and Southwestern Colorado.

Ancient Pueblo at Mesa Verde National Park
Ancient Cliff Dwelling at Mesa Verde National Park





Mesa Verde

Long House Cliff Dwelling

Spruce Tree House

Pottery TypesPueblo Period Pottery

Animal Motifs

Stone Tools


Goodman Point Unit

2008 Expedition

Recovered Artifacts


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