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Welcome to The Distant Mirror blog.  My name is Kevin Cullen and I’m an Archaeologist at Discovery World in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Discovery World is an epicenter of learning that connects innovation, science, technology and the environment with exploration through interactive exhibits and experiential learning programs. We are dedicated to helping people positively impact their communities by developing a better understanding of technology and the environment, while fostering both innovation and creativity.

Discovery World’s archaeology initiative, known as the “Distant Mirror,” is a program founded on four arenas of archaeological exploration: Ancient, Maritime, Personal and Urban. Participants in this program learn the methods used to interpret physical remains left behind by past cultures, engage in archaeological research processes, use tools that extend the range of human perception, and identify themselves as agents of change for the future. By incorporating these methods at home, in the classroom and in the broader community, participants have the opportunity to apply a variety of scientific principles in innovative ways, which promotes a deeper understanding of how to access the past while preserving it for future generations.

Our hope is that what you learn through this mode of communication, will allow you to see the world around you in a more profound way, i.e. by seeing the world not only in 2D or 3D, but in 4D…that which is TIME…past, present and future. This is the central thesis of the Distant Mirror, making sense of our collective human reflections through time and space.


4 responses to “About Program

  1. Hi Kevin,
    I just came across your blog. You have some great information on Crow Canyon on this site! Please let me know if you need me to update any information for you for your blog. This is our last year at Goodman Point Unit, so we’re starting at a new site next year.
    Joyce Alexander
    Crow Canyon Communications Specialist

    • Hello Joyce,
      I’d love to hear more about this seasons excavations at Goodman Point Pueblo….our intention is to visit in August…so, I’d like to have current information on whats been unearthed thus far.
      What’s the plan for next year’s excavation?

  2. Jake Wakefield

    Hey Kevin,
    Love the blog and will keep checking for updates now that I have found it. I am an avid homebrewer and have been doing a lot of research on ancient beer styles and I have to say your blog has been a ton of help for sure. I was wondering if you might have any more info on the the the egyptian elixir, emerald isle ale, old odin ale, and mayan maize ale. I appreciate any help on those subjects.

    Jake Wakefield

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